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Differences between Switch types

Draytek switch products are categorized into three different types:

  • SmartLite
  • WebSmart
  • L2 Managed

You can choose suitable products to fit your needs.


Basically, the installation of SmartLite models can be done easily, you can finish the deployment by plugging the cable without any configuration.

Furthermore, it offers VLAN, QoS, IGMP, Loop Prevention, Port Mirror etc. It is suitable for a simple network which would like to increase the number of ports, but also want to set the VLAN as well.


WebSmart models offer more complete functionalities, like Spanning Tree, SNMP, DoS Defense etc. It is suitable for the network which needs to be more effective and scalable. You can also configure the switch on Vigor ACS directly, which is the software provides centralized device management.


The managed category is designed for a network which needs more effective connection like IGMP querier, GVRP, Surveillance VLAN, it also provides users to set up a secure environment, such like ACL, 802.1X, IP source guard, RADIUS/TACACS+, AAA etc.

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