How to register a CPE to VigorACS SI server?

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This document demonstrates how to add a CPE Router to the Network in ACS SI. To make Vigor Router can be managed by ACS server, the router need to allow TR-069 access, and have the right TR-069 parameters set. Also, STUN setting is required if the router is behind a NAT device.


1. First of all, make sure the Network setting on ACS server is ready, and please keep the network's username and password in mind.


2. On the CPE Router, go to System Maintenance >> Management, and allow Internet access to TR-069 server.


3. TR-069 Setup on CPE Router: Go to System Maintenance >> TR-069,

  1. Enable Tr069
  2. Select the interface where the ACS Server On
  3. For URL of ACS server, enter ACS server's IP address (or domin name) and port number with Handler "/ACSServer/services/ACSServlet". You may use Wizard to generate the standard URL automatically.
  4. For Username and Password, enter the Network's username and password set in Step 1.
  5. Click OK to save.


Note: If you couldn't see the tr069 enable option at step a. Please find and enable the option from CPE Client.




4. After the configuration is completed, we may click Test With Inform to check the communication with VigorACS server. Showing a green light indicates that it is working.




5. After that, on ACS server, we will see the CPE Router appear in Unknown Devices List, and we may click the "+" button to add the device to network.


Note that if CPE router is behind more than one NAT device, it might not be able to join the ACS SI Network.


What if the CPE Router is behind NAT?

If the CPE Router is behind a NAT device, in addition to the previous settings, CPE Router will also need to enable STUN (Session Traversal Utilities for NAT) for the ACS server to locate it. To enable STUN, in TR-069 Setting page, please:

  1. Select Enable for STUN Settings.
  2. Enter ACS server's IP address or domain name in Server Address.
  3. Click OK to save.
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