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Why CPE shows offline status and we cannot get info from CPE dashboard?

In some cases, we will find the online status of CPE is unstable, which displayed offline sometimes but actually it never gets offline. Or we'll meet some case that the CPE dashboard keeps loading without information displayed. In this document, we are going to share some troubleshooting tips for you if you meet such kind of problem.


Allow TR-069 server access from the Internet

Please make sure you have enabled the TR-069 server remote access from System Maintenance >> Management of CPE WebUI if your ACS server is on the Internet/WAN side.



Enable Periodic Inform

The periodic inform option should be enabled from System Maintenance >> TR-069 of CPE WebUI. It is recommended to configure the 900 seconds as the inform interval. Sending inform too frequently may increase the loading of ACS server.


Check TR-069 authentication

There're two sets of authentication info displayed on the CPE TR-069 setting page, which have different meanings.

  • Register to the network of VigorACS 2:
    ACS will check the username and password fields from the TR-069 setting and assign to the corresponding network group.

  • Get CPE information:
    The authentication is required while ACS initiates the connection to CPE for information requested. The username and password between System Maintenance >> TR-069 >> CPE client(CPE side) and Network Management >> Device(ACS side) should be the same.


Check STUN setting

If the CPE is behind NAT, do not forget to enable the STUN setting. In addition, the STUN server is only allowed to use our ACS server. Please DO NOT use the 3rd party STUN server.


Check the firewall on ACS server

Make sure your ACS server has correct firewall setting which allows those incoming traffic:

  • HTTP port (Default tcp/80 port)
  • HTTPS port (Default tcp/443 port)
  • STUN port (Default udp/3478 port)

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