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How to upgrade VigorACS 2 from VigorACS SI on Linux?

For our original user of VigorACS SI, we promise you that you could upgrade VigorACS 2 directly. The database of VigorACS 2 is compatible with VigorACS SI, so you could keep all your data through upgrading. If you still have unexpired license of VigorACS SI, we'll convert the remaining license of VigorACS SI to VigorACS 2 automatically on MyVigor.

  • Once install VigorACS 2 on a machine, you cannot downgrade to VigorACS SI. Please check the compatible CPE list and hardware requirement from our website first.
  • VigorACS 2 can only run on the 64-bits platform. Please make sure you have the 64-bit operating system.
  • Please contact your local distributor to get the installation file of the latest version VigorACS 2.

(This article is for upgrading the VigorACS 2 on Linux platform. If you are running VigorACS SI on Windows platform, please refer to this article for upgrading on Windows device.)

Shutdown and remove VigorACS SI/Java services

1. The database will remain after the upgrading, however, we still strongly recommend to backup the database of VigorACS SI before you start to perform upgrading, to prevent any failure during upgrading. Please refer to How to backup the database of VigorACS SI? for further information.

2. Execute ./vigoracs.sh in /usr/local/vigoracs/VigorACS/bin, press 4 to shut down your VigorACS SI services first.

3. Rename your vigoracs folder to another one via mv command

4. Execute ./uninstall.sh (Which could be found on installed package of VigorACS SI, press 2 to remove java.)

Install Java and VigorACS 2

1. Make sure you're using the root privilege and the have installed the following package on your Linux:

  • unzip
  • bzip2
  • net-tools (need ifconfig command)

2. Download VigorACS 2 installed package and extract it via the command:

#bzip2 -cd VigorACS_Unix_Like_xxxxxx_xxxxx.tar.bz2 | tar xvf -   
#tar -jxv -f VigorACS_Unix_Like_xxxxxx_xxxxx.tar.bz2

3. Change the privilege mode of install.sh 

#chmod 755 ./install.sh

#chmod 755 ./uninstall.sh

4. Execute ./install.sh installation file. Please make sure you have /usr/bin/sh first. If you don't have /usr/bin/sh, please type the command:

 #ln -s /bin/sh /usr/bin/sh

Because we have renamed the vigoracs at previous step, it will request to create a new folder at the path /usr/local/vigoracs. Enter "y" to continue the installation process.

5. If you use CentOS or RedHat version, installed program will request you to install some packages first. Because some of the Linux versions are lack of font package with minimum installation, and it will impact the CAPTCHA displayed. Enter "y" to install those package and continue the installation process. 

6.  Enter "2" to install java(openjdk)

7. Enter 4 to upgrade the VigorACS 2 and TR-069 database. Enter the original MySQL password. Wait for the installation process finish and the success message.

8. After we finished all the installation steps, move to the folder of vigoracs (/usr/local/vigoracs/VigorACS/bin/) and execute ./vigoracs.sh, enter 3 to start VigorACS 2.
You can type the same HTTP and HTTPS port settings as VigorACS SI, so that you don't need to change original firewall or open port setting.

Access VigorACS 2 and activate the license

1. To access VigorACS 2, launch a browser and type the IP or the domain name of the PC with the port number on the URL, then you'll see VigorACS 2 login page. (If you are using the PC that has VigorACS 2 installed, you may just enter "localhost" with the port number.)

Since VigorACS 2 is using the original database of VigorACS SI, you can login with the original username and password.

2. Once you attempt to login VigorACS 2, you'll see the license warning message. Press Activate button, then the browser will redirect to MyVigor login page. Login the MyVigor account who owns the original VigorACS SI server.

3. MyVigor will detect and convert your license from VigorACS SI to VigorACS 2 automatically, we only need to press "ON" button to activate the license again.

4. Finally, we could enjoy the new design of VigorACS 2 from now on!

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