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How to install and register VigorACS 2 on Linux?

This document is going to demonstrate how to install VigorACS 2 on Linux platform. ACS 2 is compatible with all of the Linux distribution(e.g. Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, CentOS, Debian and RedHat). Here we will use CentOS 7 as the example.

Please pay attention to the following item before installing:

  • Once install VigorACS 2 on a machine, you cannot downgrade to VigorACS SI. Please check the compatible CPE list and hardware requirement from our website first.
  • VigorACS 2 can only run on the 64-bits platform. Please make sure you have the 64-bit operating system.
  • Please contact your local distributor to get the installation file of the latest version VigorACS 2.
  • This article is for installing the VigorACS 2 on Linux platform. VigorACS 2 can run on the Windows platform as well, please refer to this article for installing on Windows platform.

Install VigorACS 2 on Linux

  1. Before installing the ACS 2, please make sure you're using the root privilege. In addition, there're some necessary dependencies for VigorACS 2 :
    • unzip (necessary before running installation script)
    • bzip2 (necessary before running installation script)
    • net-tools (It's included in the installation script)
    • vim (It's included in the installation script)
    • libaio1/libaio-devel (MariaDB 10 dependencies, it's included in the installation script)
    • epel-release/cabextract/xorg-x11-font-utils/fontconfig (fonts package is necessary if you have the minimum install with the linux distribution. It's included in the installation script)
    • libcap (the libcap is necessary for packet capture feature since ACS 2.4.0. It's included in the installation script)
    Most of the necessary dependencies has been included in the installation script for the common Linux distributions. However, it's still possible to miss it while you use uncommon distribution. You may install the dependencies manually.

  2. Download the VigorACS 2 installed package and extract it via the command:
    #bzip2 -cd VigorACS_Unix_Like_xxxxxx_xxxxx.tar.bz2 | tar xvf -
    #tar -jxvf VigorACS_Unix_Like_xxxxxx_xxxxx.tar.bz2

  3. Change the privilege of the script install.sh and uninstall.sh via the command:
    #chmod 755 install.sh uninstall.sh

  4. Execute ./install.sh installation file. Please make sure you have /usr/bin/sh first. If you don't have /usr/bin/sh, please type the command:  
    #ln -s /bin/sh /usr/bin/sh

    If you haven't installed VigorACS program before, it will request to create a new folder at the path /usr/local/vigoracs. Enter "y" to continue the installation process.

  5. Installation program may request you to install some dependencies first. Because some of the Linux distribution are lack of font package with minimum installation, and it will impact the CAPTCHA displayed. Enter "y" to install those package and continue the installation process. 

  6. Install MariaDB: The main menu will display, enter "1" to install Mariadb for ACS database. Please notice that the program will set blank as default root password for MySQL, you may use option 2 to change the MySQL root password.
    It is strongly recommended you to install/use the MariaDB program which installation script provided. If you have installed the old version of MariaDB (e.g. MariaDB 5.5, MariaDB 10.2), you could ignore this step because the ACS is compatible with the old version of MariaDB. MariaDB will not upgrade the current older version, it may cause there're two MariaDB programs running on your server.

  7. Install InfluxDB: Enter "3" to install influxDB for recording statistic graph data of ACS.

  8. Install OpenJDK: Enter "4" to install java(openjdk). ACS 2.4.0 is compatible with OpenJDK 1.8.0_181, please upgrade the OpenJDK if you use the older version.

  9. Install VigorACS 2: If you haven't installed VigorACS before, enter "5" to install VigorACS 2 and create the TR-069 database. When being asked to enter MySQL password, press "Enter" directly if you haven't changed the password via command. Finally, confirm TR-069 database has created successfully and press option 8 to exit the script.

    Note: If you forgot the password, you may refer the document to reset the MySQL password. 

  10. After we finished all the installed steps, move to the folder of VigorACS /usr/local/vigoracs/VigorACS/bin/ and execute ./vigoracs.sh, enter "5" to start VigorACS service. The program may request several ACS setting when you launch the ACS for the first time:
    - Bind IP: You could type for binding IP which means VigorACS 2 will detect the IP of your network adapter for VigorACS 2 service automatically.
    - HTTP/HTTPS port: To prevent the possible port conflict, it's strongly recommended to use other ports for HTTP and HTTPS instead of default 80 and 443 port.
    - STUN/Syslog port: Specify the STUN and Syslog service port of VigorACS 2. If you have other Syslog utility running on the Syslog server, it's recommended to use another Syslog port to avoid the conflict.
    - Memory Setting: Type the memory size that ACS service allows to use. The minimum requirement of memory setting is 1024MB(MAX) and 900MB(MIN).


How to check if the VigorACS 2 services started successfully?

If VigorACS 2 couldn't start normally, please ensure there is a start message in the server log, which could be found in the following path:
tail -f /usr/local/vigoracs/VigorACS/server/default/log/server.log

If you couldn't see the start message in Syslog, please provide the log and all the VigorACS install information to DrayTek technical support: [email protected]

Why I cannot access VigorACS 2 from the Internet?

If you still cannot access the router from the Internet even though you have confirmed the ACS started successfully, please check if there's any firewall or NAT rule blocking the connection. Scan or telnet the port from the Internet to check whether the HTTP/HTTPS port is opened on this server.


Access and register VigorACS 2

  1. To access VigorACS 2, launch the browser and type the IP/domain name of the PC with the port number on the URL, then you'll see VigorACS 2 login page.
    If you are using the PC that has VigorACS 2 installed, you may just enter "localhost" with the port number and type default username (root) and password (admin123) to log in.

  2. VigorACS 2 web will prompt that there's no license could be found, press Activate button to continue register process.

  3. Login with your MyVigor account

  4. Type the nickname of VigorACS 2, then press Add to finish register process.

  5. Press Trial button to activate the trial license. We provide 1 month trial license for you to try VigorACS 2 services, you will need to purchase the license from your local distributor every year.

  6. Read the agreement and check the box, then press Next button.

  7. Select the start date of this license, then press Register button to activate the trial license.

  8. MyVigor will display the information of license which means the license has been activated successfully. Press Login to ACS button to go back to VigorACS 2 web page.

  9. Finally, we could enjoy the new design of VigorACS 2 from now on!



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