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Why VRRP MAC is not visible on Vigor Router?

Some customers have firewalls or cluster servers on the LAN network of Vigor Router, and they may meet the problem in seeing the virtual IP and virtual MAC address of server on ARP table of Vigor Router. This is because Vigor Router does not accept VRRP MAC address by default.

The followings paragraphs demonstrate the steps to make Vigor Router accepts and records VRRP MAC address.




On 3.8.8 and Newer Version Firmware

If you are using the firmware newer and including 3.8.8 version (or the firmware including and newer than 3.8.6 version on Vigor2860), you can simply set your router to accept VRRP MAC address on the WUI. Please go to Firewall >> Defense Setup >> Spoofing Defense page, deselect Decline VRRP MAC into ARP table option.



On 3.8.7 and Older Version Firmware

1. Telnet into Vigor Router.

2. Enter command ip arp accept 5 to accept VRRP mac into ARP table.


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