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[Vigor3900] How to use Web Content Filter (WCF)?

There are many kinds of benefits of Web Content Filtering, such as productivity enhancement, bandwidth regulation, HR policy compliance, and preventing web threats. Plus, with the pre-categorized items, IT staff can save plenty of time from creating firewall rules for unwanted contents. In the following example, we assume that Administrator prohibits users surfing social networking websites.

(For using Web Content Filter on other models, please refer to the article here.)

1. Go to Object Setting >> Web Category Object >> Web Category Object. After activating the Web Content Filter service via “Content Filter License”, click “Add” in the “Web Category Object” to start.


2. Create the profile name (e.g. DrayTek_WCF), and choose any section(s) which you want to filter. Here we choose Social Networking. Click the Apply button. (Note: We can check out which category a website belongs to by visiting http://www.cyren.com/url-category-check.html)


3. Go to Firewall >> Filter Setup, select “URL Filter”, and click “Add”


4. Type Profile name, check Enable and enable Filter https. Check the profile "DrayTek_WCF" in policy > Web Category Block. Click Apply.


5. The message will be shown when we try to access a networking website, such as Facebook.  Every time the connection matches the category we selected to block, the user will see the block message.

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