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[Vigor3900] How to use the Application Filter of Firewall?

Vigor3900 supports Application filter, which helps network administrator to block applications (IM/P2P/Protocol/Others) on LAN network. The following example shows how to set up Application filter to block certain LAN clients from using TOR browser in office hour.


(This article applies to Vigor3900 and Vigor2960, for other models, please refer to the article here.)

Please go to System Maintenance >> APP Signature Upgrade >> Auto APP Signature Upgrade to make sure the router has the latest version of APP Signature.


Go to Firewall >> Filter Setup, and click Add in Application Filter tab

  1. Give a Profile Name and Enable it
  2. Setup Time Object for office hour and Source IP of certain LAN clients

    3. Click Add in APP Block

  1. Select the forbidden application
  2. Click Apply

Now we can try to open TOR browser to see if it's blocked


Enable the syslog to record and print the Firewall Log on System Maintenance >> Syslog / Mail Alert >> Syslog File page, we will see the following message on Syslog File tab when APP filter is triggered.

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