How to use URL content filter to block the websites with exception list?

Vigor router supports blocking website by keywords. The domain contents certain keyword will be filtered by firewall. However, there are many web portals provide various services. Take Yahoo for example, if network administrator set up the filter to block the URL contents "yahoo", then all the domain with "yahoo" will be blocked. Such as and will all be blocked at once. Vigor router also offers exception keywords to let network administrator manage each service under same web portal, to block some of the services and allow the others. The following example demonstrates blocking all services except searching by Yahoo.

1. Go to Objects Setting >> Keyword Object, and click an available index

a. Give the Keyword Object name and enter "yahoo" in Contents


b. Create another keyword object for search service


2. Go to CSM >> URL Content Filter Profile, and click an available index

a. Enable URL Access Control at 1. URL Access Control
b. Select Block as Action
c. Click upper Edit, then choose yahoo keyword
d. Enable Exception List
e. Click lower Edit, then choose search keyword
f. Click OK


3. Go to CSM >> DNS Filter Profile, and click an available index

a. Select the UCF profile created in UCF
b. Click OK


4. Go to Firewall >> General Setup

a. Select the UCF profile in URL Content Filter
b. Select the DNSF profile in DNS Filter
c. Click OK


When users are trying to access, it will be blocked.


But, Yahoo search service is still available.

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