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Do I need an APPE License to use APP Enforcement?

No, it is not necessary to have an APPE license activated to use APP Enforcement in Firewall rules. APPE license, which is now supported byVigor2925 series, Vigor2860 series, Vigor2760_D series, is for Vigor Routers to upgrade the APPE module automatically. This will keep the router's APP database up to date. Thus, to make sure APP Enforcement work correctly, it is recommended to activate the APPE license.


How to get an APPE license?

APPE license is a free service, you can activate it if the router has been registered to a MyVigor account. (See How to Register My Vigor Router and Activate a Free WCF Trial License?) To activate the service, please go to CSM >> APP Signature Upgrade, and click Activate.

appe page


Login with the MyVigor account and click on “Trial”, read the notice and follow the steps to activate the license.

myvigor page


The license will expire 365 days after the activation. After that, you may re-activate the license again.


Renew the APPE license

When the license expired, please go to CSM >> APPE Signature Upgrade thenclick Activate


Type the Myvigor account and password which the product register

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Press the Get New License Key on the device information page


Click the Customer Survey button, then choose the product which you want to renew the license to start the survey.


After finish the survey, system will send the license key to the email which is binding with registered Myvigor account.


Go to CSM >> APPE Signature Upgrade thenclick Activate again then click Renew.


Paste the license key press Add then click Next, go through the process to renew license key.


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