Why can't I activate WCF license key?

If you get the error message when active or renew Web Content Filter license key, such as Connection failed, Get Control Name Error, Content Filter License Register is Failed…or just couldn't active the WCF license, it might because that your DNS server couldn't resolve "myvigor.draytek.com", so that the router cannot connect to MyVigor server.


Please go to Diagnostics >> Ping Diagnosis then try to ping domain name "myvigor.draytek.com", if you don't get replies, then it's probably that the activation failure is due to DNS server couldn't resolve the MyVigor URL. If you don't get replies when ping "myvigor.draytek.com" from the router, we would like to suggest that changing the DNS server to a public one, e.g. to then try to active the license again.


If changing a DNS server doesn't help, please kindly send the following information to [email protected] .

  1. Your MyVigor account and password
  2. The serial number and MAC address of your router
  3. The license key number


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