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How to renew the purchased WCF license?

DrayTek provides one month WCF trial license for the routers which support web content filter, after the trial license is up, you may want to purchase and renew the license. This article demonstrates how to renew your WCF license.


1. Go to CSM >> Web Content Filter Profile page, click Active, login to MyVigor website.


2. The license status will be listed on the device information page. Click Renew.


3. Enter the License Number, then click Add License.


4. Confirm the license status, then click Next.


5. Check the box if you accept the agreement, then click Next.


6. Select an Activation Date you prefer and click Next. Please notice that you can set the activation date of the new license to any date which is later than the expiry date of the previous WCF license.


7. Confirm the information.


8. The new WCF license will be listed on the device information page, your router will get the new license on the validation date automatically.


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