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How to register my Vigor Router and activate a free WCF trial license?

You may activate a free WCF trial license and DrayDDNS trial license after you register your Vigor Router to a MyVigor account. This document will demonstrate how to register your Vigor Router to a MyVigor account and activate a free trial license.

1. Log in to the Vigor's Web UI and click Product Registration, which will lead you to the MyVigor log-in page. Please note that it is neccesary to go to the MyVigor page from the router's UI.


For Vigor2960 and Vigor3900,


2. Enter your MyVigor account to log in MyVigor page.


If you don't have a MyVigor's account. Please sign up for a MyVigor account and go back to step1 re-login MyVigor's web UI from Vigor router's homepage.

3. Go to My Information > My Product, enter the nickname of device then click Add to add this device to your account.


Note: If there is no Add button, and this router has not been registered with other MyVigor account, please send the MAC address and S/N number of your router to [email protected]

4. Click OK to confirm the submission.


5. Go to My Information >> My Product to choose the device which you just added.


6. Click Trial on WCF service to activate your 30-days trial license.


7. Read Agreement, tick "I have read and accept the above Agreement", and click Next."


8. Confirm Activation Date then click Register to active trial WCF license


9. After Activation, license information will be shown.


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