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What is firmware backup and recovery

Vigor routers support "Firmware Backup" since firmware v3.9.0, where the router saves a copy of the old firmware in flash memory whenever an upgrade is performed, and restores it after 3 abnormal software reboots since power on.

notification message    

The Firmware Backup setting can be found under "System Maintenance":

Here are the introductions for these 3 options.
1. Backup after reboot:
Router will backup current firmware after router is successfully booted.
This is original design in case firmware is damaged during firmware upgrade.

2. Backup after system running for certain duration:
Router will back up the current firmware after the system has been running for the specified period of time.

3. Manually backup:
Router backup current firmware immediately when this option is ticked and ok is clicked.

backup setting    

This feature keeps only one copy of the firmware and the previous backup will be overwritten.
Router will show the syslog as below when firmware backup occurs, the following message will appear in syslog:
Jul 2 14:11:25 DrayTek Backup firmware success.

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