How to recover my Vigor Router when it does not response?

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There are some situations that the router may be inaccessible, sometimes the router is only busy with other tasks, or the WUI service is stopped accidentally. However, in some cases, the router does not work properly due to the firmware on the router is damaged, we will need to install the firmware to the router again to get it back to work.


Method A – Cold Boot

If the router is inaccessible, but the LAN clients can still access the internet, and the router is still handling the other tasks and providing service, this may cause by failure of the HTTP server of the router. We can try to execute a cold boot, please find the power switch of your router, turn it off and wait for few seconds, then turn it on again, to see will the router get back to work.

If you can not get your router back to normal, please try the Method B.


Method B – Upload the Firmware via TFTP

If the router is inaccessible, and its LED lit in a strange pattern, for instance, the ACT LED is constantly on, the LED are lightning, or it keeps cycling through all the LED, this is probably an indication that the firmware on the router is damaged. This might happened after a failed firmware upgrade; however, router can be restored by re-flash firmware via TFTP.

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To restore the router to working state, please re-flash the firmware via TFTP mode (See How to upload firmware to my Vigor Router via TFTP? for the instructions.) Remember it need to upload .
rst file for recovering the router, and please note that the .rst file will reset your router to factory default.

After the firmware re-flash and router reboots, if the ACT LED blinks approximately once per second, this shows that the router has returned to normal state, and it will accessible again on

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Contact Support Team

Please contact our support team if the router is still not in the normal condition after trying the above methods. Don't forget to let us know the actions you've tried and the results, this information will help us investigate the situation sooner.
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