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What are the benefits for using Let's Encrypt certificate on Vigor Router?

Let's Encrypt can provide free, automated, and open security certificate authority (CA) for everyone. It enables website owners to get security certificates within minutes. Vigor Router supports Let's Encrypt certificate auto generation feature through the ACME protocol since firmware version 3.9.0. It not only can simplify the certificate generating procedures but also have the following benefits:

1. Browser can trust Vigor Router's certificate after using Let's Encrypt certificate. HTTPS connection to Vigor Router will be marked as Secure connection Free.


2. SSL VPN Client can authenticate SSL VPN Server certificate without importing the Router self-generated Root CA anymore. In other words, it can authenticate Vigor Router's SSL certificate by the default Trusted Root CA certificates in each OS.

a. Windows


b. MacOS/ iOS


To sum up, using Let's Encrypt certificate on Vigor Router enhance the HTTPS security without any cost. What are you waiting for? Upgrade your Vigor Router and go to apply Let's Encrypt now.

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