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[Vigor3900] How to use DrayDDNS?

Draytek supports our own DDNS service – DrayDDNS since 2017. We provide a domain name for each Vigor Router and this single domain name can record IP addresses of a specific WAN. Vigor2960, 3900 and 300B start supporting DrayDDNS feature on the firmware version 1.4.0. We will demonstrate how to set up the DrayDDNS feature on Vigor3900 in the following paragraph.

1. Before activating the DrayDDNS service, please register your Vigor3900 to myVigor Portal by clicking Product Registration.

This step can be ignored if you already registered the router to your myVigor account.


2. Go to Applications >> Dynamic DNS >>Setting page. Select ddns1 profile and click Edit:

a. Tick Enable the ddns1 profile

b. Select the WAN you would like to upload the IP to DDNS server
c. Select DrayDDNS (Global) as Service Provider

d. Click Apply


3. A Confirm window will pop-up for notifying Vigor Router will send WAN IP info to your DDNS Service Provider. Click Terms of Service for getting more details. If you agree for them, please click OK to Continue.


4. Go to Applications >> Dynamic DNS >>DrayDDNS License page and click Activate URL.


5. There will be another window popping up and link to myVigor web portal (https://myvigor.draytek.com)

Log in to MyVigor Website by entering your myVigor account.


6. Click Edit DDNS settings for specifying the DDNS Domain name for Vigor2960.


7. Enter the Domain name and click Create.


8. Click < on the web browser to go back to the previous page and click Trial for activating the DrayDDNS service on this Vigor2960.


9. Tick to enable I have read and accept the above agreement and click Next.


10. Select the activation date and click Register.


11. Click OK to activate the DrayDDNS license.


12. Wait few seconds, myVigor will respond whether the register is successful or not.


13. Go to Applications >> Dynamic DNS >>DrayDDNS License page and check the license state.


14. Go to Applications >> Dynamic DNS >>Setting page and we will see the Domain Name and the DDNS Status are updated successfully.

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