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How to set a schedule on Vigor Router and how it works?

It is convenient for people to manage a device by setting the schedule to make the devices to work by themselves automatically. Vigor Router supports the schedule feature. Network administrator can set the schedules to each functions, such as turn on and off of the firewall or Wi-Fi signal, to make the Router works automatically and periodically. This document will introduce the mechanism of the schedule in Vigor Router and demonstrate how to set a schedule.

1. Go to Applications >> Schedule page. You can see a table here with 15 rolls, that is the total amount of schedules can be set on Vigor Router. Click an available Index to set a schedule.


2. First Enable Schedule Setup, then:

a. Give a Comment for the Index.

b. Set a Start Date.

c. Set the Start Time. (For example, if you want to block users from 11:00~13:00, the Start Time is 11:00.)

d. Set the Duration Time. (It is 2 hours from 11:00 to 13:00, so you should set 2 hours as Duration Time, the WUI will display the End Time 13:00 instantly.

e. Here are two options for the Action: Force On and Force Down. If you’d like to make Vigor Router activate some functions by the schedule period, select the Action as Force On. On the Contrary, to disable the functions, select the Force Down.

f. Set How Often you want the Schedule to work, there are some options for customizing.

g. Click OK to save the settings.


Note: Some of the functions may only work with one of the actions schedule, please make sure you have set the schedule correctly before apply it to the function. You may find the restriction of the schedule on the setting page of the functions which only support one of the actions.

3. After saving the schedule, you can see the Index on the table on the Schedule page.




How to apply the schedule

Vigor Router recognizes the schedule profiles by Index number, which is from the table on Applications >> Schedule page, range from 1 to 15. If the setting page of the function has the boxes to input the Schedule profile index, then such function can be regulated by the Schedule. For example, this is the Schedule setting in the User Management, you can see there are 4 boxes.


To set the schedule for such functions, just fill the Index number from the table at Applications >> Schedule page in the box. Then the function will work at the time as the Schedule Index you set.

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