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How to renew DrayDDNS subscription?

DrayDDNS is a free trial DDNS service we provided for Vigor Router users. The trial period is for one year and the trial service will be invalid if you don't apply for the extension. This document will show you how to renew DrayDDNS subscription.

If you don’t have the MyVigor account yet, Please go to MyVigor's website to register an account and bind the router to the account.


                  How to register my Vigor Router and activate a free WCF trial license?

Below are the steps:

1. Please login your Vigor Router's homepage, then click Product Registration. This will direct to MyVigor Web Portal.


2. Login MyVigor Portal

3. The license information of your Vigor Router will be listed. Click "Get New License Key" for DT-DDNS service.


4. Click "Customer Survey" below and fill out the survey to get the new license key.


5. Press "Survey"


6. After selecting the main usage and language, click "Start"


7. Please answer all the questions one by one. After finishing the survey, please click "Submit"


8. The new license key will be sent to your email address – it is the MyVigor account registration email

9. When you receive the license key, please go back to MyVigor's homepage, and click "Renew"


10. Copy and paste the key to license number and click "Add License"


11. After you confirm the license key is correct, click "Next"


12. Please confirm the regulations of the service and click "Next"


13. Please confirms the Activation date of the service, and click "Next"


14. Please confirm the information about the DrayDDNS and click "Confirm"


15. After logging in to MyVigor's website from your Vigor Router again, you can see that there is a new license key


16. You can confirm that your DrayDDNS service is in effect in the router's Applications >> Dynamic DNS Setup >> Dynamic DNS Account Setup page

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