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How to apply Let's Encrypt certificate on Vigor Router?

More and more users apply and import valid certificates from 3rd party CA agents in the Internet for using their https or ssl vpn services on Vigor Router. Vigor2862 and Vigor2926 support applying Let's Encrypt certificate from its WUI since firmware version 3.9.0 with only a few steps. It makes the certificate generating, signing and importing process becomes easy. This document will show how easy it is to apply Let's Encrypt on Vigor2862.

1. Register an DrayDDNS account on Vigor2862.

See How to Use DrayDDNS for the steps in details.

2. Click View Log button via Applications >> Dynamic DNS Setup page for ensuring the DrayDDNS domain you will use for applying Let's encrypt certificate is updated successfully.


3. Go to Applications >> Dynamic DNS Setup, enter DrayDDNS profile, and click Let's Encrypt certificate Create button.


4. Vigor Router is processing the Let's Encrypt certificate generation. It may take 2 or 3 minutes to finish the process.


5. When Let's Encrypt certificate generation process is finished, Vigor Router will pop up message to ask if you would like to apply Let's Encrypt certificate for the SSL VPN/ HTTPS Server.

  1. Click OK for now button if you'd like to apply it to HTTPS server manually later.
  2. Click Use this certificate for all my services button if you'd like to apply it to HTTPS server now.

6. We can view the Let's Encrypt certificate via Certificate Management >> Local Certificate page. The certificate is valid for 3 months.


7. Server certificate in SSL VPN >> General Setup page is changed to use DrayDDNS – the Let's Encrypt certificate automatically.


8. When we access Vigor Router by its drayddns domain name, we will see the https connection is marked as Secure in the browser.


9. Vigor Router can renew the certificate automatically when the certificate is near to expired by enabling the Auto Update option in DrayDDNS profile.

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