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[Vigor3900] Use Vigor3900 as a Hotspot

This document is going to introduce the features that Vigor3900 and Vigor2960 supports as a Hotspot server.

Bulletin Board

The bulletin board is the portal page that welcomes the users with the information, news, advertisement, or policies. It can be displayed to the users no matter whether authentication is required or not. (See How to redirect LAN clients to Bulletin Board? for instructions about setting up Bulletin Board.)

URL Redirection

Redirecting the users to a specific portal page (e.g., your homepage) after they connected to Vigor3900. This can apply to the hotspot users no matter whether authentication is required or not.

Captive Portal for authentication

Internet access can be limited to authorized users only. When a user connects to Vigor3900 and accesses the Internet, they will be redirected to the login page first.

Various Authentication Methods

For authentication, there are various methods to choose from, including Vigor3900's local user database, guest profiles, an external RADIUS or LDAP servers, or by a password sent to the guest by SMS messages. Multiple authentication methods can be implemented at the same time, while guests are authenticated by the guest profiles, the employee's authentication can still be integrated with an internal LDAP or RADIUS server. (See How to use LDAP/AD authentication? for instructions)

Creating bulk guest accounts

Bulk guest profiles (30 groups x 255 profiles per group at maximum) with a customized valid period and time quota can be created in advance. The user accounts and passwords can be exported and printed out as a voucher. (See How to create guest profiles for hotspot?)


Sending password to the users by SMS messages

The router can send an SMS message automatically to the guests after they leave the required information and a valid phone number so that hotspot provider may collect the users' info while providing the Internet access. (See How to allow hotspot clients to get login password via SMS message?).


Timeout Settings

To log out the hotspot users after a period of time or when they're idle. Thus to reclaim the router's resource or present the bulletin message to the users again.

Customized Login page

The image and the background of the login page can be customized to show the company's personality.


IP White List

Pre-defined IP (e.g., the IP of the staff) can bypass the hotspot settings, and access the Internet without being asked for the credentials while hotspot is active.

Website White List

Unauthorized users can still have free access to pre-defined websites (e.g. your homepage). (See How to pass specific websites when using Web Portal with authentication?)

Content Filtering & App Enforcement

Blocking the hotspot users from websites that are inappropriate or applications which will take up too much of the router's resource. (See How to use Web Content Filter (WCF)? or How to block Facebook with URL Content Filter?)

Online Users Monitoring

Online Status page show who has logged in the hotspot, their IP address, when and how did they logged in.

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