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How to create Facebook APP for Web Portal Authentication?

The new web portal feature support social login as authentication method, and allows network administrator to authenticate LAN clients by their Google or Facebook account. This document introduces how to create Facebook APP, and generate the APP ID and APP Secret that can be used in Web Portal setup.

1. Register as Facebook Developer: Go to https://developers.facebook.com/ and click Get Started to login with your Facebook account.


2. Click Next on the welcome page


3. Fill your phone number in the column, click Send as Text or Send via Phone Call to get the confirmation code. Enter the code and click Verify.


4. Enter the APP NAME and CONTACT EMAIL, then click Next.


5. Finish the security check, click Submit.


6. Select a category you'd like to tell Facebook what you do, or just skip it.


7. Click the Add Your First Product to finish the Get Started process.


8. You will be lead to the Add Product page automatically, then choose the Facebook Login by click Set Up.


9. Click the Web icon on the Choose a Platform page.


10. In Settings>Basic, enter your available Privacy Policy URL and click Save Changes


11. Enter https://portal.draytek.com:8043 in Valid OAuth rediect URIs at Client OAuth Settings, then click Save Changes.


12. Go to the App Review page, switch the button of Make DrayTek Hotspot public? to Yes to active the app.


13. Select Education as Category and click Confirm on the pop up window.


14. Go to Dashboard, the App is active now and you can get your App ID and App Secret on this page. Click Show button to reveal the App Secret.


15. Enter the password of your Facebook account and click Submit on the pop up window, then you can get your App Secret.


16. The App ID and App Secret will be used in Vigor Router's Web Portal Setup page.


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