Index Title Date
The difference between Rule-Based and User-Based Policy 2018-01-09
Why the browser cannot redirect the Hotspot Web Portal page to HTTPS website? 2017-11-21
How to perform the basic troubleshooting on Active Directory/LDAP issues? 2017-11-07
When to use LDAP in Simple mode and when to use LDAP in Regular mode? 2017-11-07
How to authenticate users with an AD/LDAP server? 2017-11-07
How to allow users login to Vigor's Hotspot with their social media accounts (e.g.: Facebook & Google)? 2017-11-07
How to create Facebook APP for Web Portal Authentication? 2017-09-05
How to use Time Quota or Data Quota to limit user's Internet access? 2017-08-22
How to create Google APP for Web Portal Authentication? 2017-01-24
How to allow hotspot clients to get login PIN code via SMS? 2017-01-24
How to use Hotspot Web Portal? 2017-01-24
[Vigor3900] Use Vigor3900 as a Hotspot 2016-08-09
[Vigor3900] How to use LDAP/AD authentication? 2016-05-25
[Vigor3900] How to pass specific websites when using Web Portal with authentication? 2016-05-25
How to authenticate users with an RADIUS server? 2016-05-25
[Vigor3900] How to redirect LAN clients to Bulletin Board? 2016-05-13
[Vigor3900] How to prevent smart phones from surfing the Internet from Vigor3900? 2016-05-13
[Vigor3900] How to allow hotspot clients to get login password via SMS message? 2016-05-13
[Vigor3900] How to create guest profiles for hotspot? 2016-05-13
How to set time schedule for user's Internet access? 2016-04-29
How to restrict internet access via User Management? 2016-01-22