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Why the Memory Usage is High just after boot up?

Some of the users may be confused that Vigor router always uses high percentage of memory, even just boot up with the default setting, which does not enable any advanced functions.


If you also have the concern about the memory usage of Vigor router, don't worry, your Vigor router just works fine. Vigor router is designed to distribute the memory to each functions when power up, these distributed memory will be preserved and only can be used by each function. Even the functions that you do not enable, Vigour router will still preserve the memory for them. You may also observe that when you enable some of the functions, the memory usage will not vary, or only change in very small scale.

DrayTek engineers always consider the usage and distribution of the memory when developing the new functions, to make sure each functions have the enough memory but not wasting. With this mechanism, user can enable any functions at anytime, without worrying the memory will be overwhelmed by the functions.

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