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How to telnet into Vigor Router?

Vigor router supports not only the graphic user interface (WUI), but also the command line interface. User can telnet into Vigor router, and use the command to configure the router. The command line interface is useful when constructing the network with lots of Vigor routers, network administrator can telnet to each router, then execute the same command on each router. Moreover, network administrator can write a script to make the configuring become an automatically process. This note demonstrates how to telnet to your Vigor router.


1. Right click on Windows Start Menu, then click Run.


2. Type in cmd then click OK to open Command Prompt.

Note: If you are using macOS or Linux as the operating system, please open Terminal then follow the rest of the steps.


3. Type in telnet then click enter.


4. Enter account and password to login.


5. You may now enter the command lines to configure your router, or enter ? to list the available commands.


Note: The detail description of each command is available in User Guide.


6. After finish the configuring, enter quit or exit to log out.

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