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What is Central Switch Management (SWM)?

Since 3.8.4 version of firmware, Vigor Router supports Central Switch Management, this feature can greatly reduce the heavy work of the network administrator. Now, the network administrator can simply monitor and manage the switches on the WUI of Vigor router. (Vigor2960 and Vigor3900 will support SWM soon.)


Switch Status and Switch Hierarchy

Network administrator can easily monitor the status of the switches on these pages. On Central Management >> Switch >> Status page, here will list the general information of the switches.


Click the Switch Hierarchy tag, we can monitor the basic information of each port on the switches. It is also an easy job to shutdown the specific port, just click the port icon, select Shutdown Port then click OK. This will also cut off the power supply to the port on PoE switch, can be used to perform the cold boot on the PoE devices.


Switch Profile

Network administrator can set more detail configuration on this setting page.


Click the Index number of each switch will lead to the page contents three tabs: General, VLAN and Port.

On General tab, we can set the Switch Name, Comment and the Login Password. Please make sure to enter the correct password here, otherwise, router may not be able to get the information and manage the switch.


On VLAN tab, network administrator can set the VLAN setting to each port, including the PVID and VLAN membership. The VLAN setting of the router (and upper switch, if there is one) will also show on this page. The icon will also change with the different setting, trunk port and hybrid port are indicated by a switch on the black base icon, the blue background with a monitor icon represents the access port.


On Port tab, network administrator can enter the description of each port, it will also be printed out on Switch Hierarchy. Here, we can also set the shutdown schedule to each port.


Switch Maintenance

On this page, network administrator can execute Config Backup/Restore, Remote Reboot or Factory Reset on each switch. In the past, network administrator will need to login to each switch WUI to do the such things; now, we can perform these progress on a single page.



Network administrator can register 10 Vigor Switches to SWM on each Vigor router, also, SWM supports the switch on the second layer (like the topology at the beginning). The switch installed exceeded these limitations is still able to work properly, but network administrator will not be able to manage it on SWM of Vigor router.


Future Support

Our R&D department are still devoted to make all the functions better. We have already developed more features on SWM, such as counting the traffic of each port and printing out the charts of these statistics, triggering the alert when the port connects/disconnects, send the SMS or Email notifications when the relative events occur, and more features that can help the network administrator to manage the switches and the internal network easier. These features are undergoing our internal testing, we hope to release these to you soon.


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