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[Vigor3900] How to set up VLAN on VigorSwitch with Central Switch Management?

To distinguish LAN clients and separate them into different domains, it is common to set up tag-based VLAN on the switch. Central Switch Management is a feature that allows Network Administrator to manage a VigorSwitch directly from Vigor Router's management page and provides an easier way to configure the VLAN setting according to router's VLAN setup. This document demonstrates how to set up multiple subnets with tag-based VLAN on Vigor2960, and use Central Switch Management to configure the according VLAN setting on VigorSwitchP2280.


Setup router's multiple subnet and VLAN

1. Add a new 802.1Q VLAN via LAN >> Switch >> 802.1Q VLAN, edit the profile as follows:

  1. Input VLAN ID (VLAN ID for each VLAN must be unique)
  2. Select Member for this VLAN Group. In this example, we will connect LAN_Port_1 of Vigor2960 (as trunk) to VigorSwitch, so each VLAN Group should contain LAN_Port_1 as Member.
  3. Untag should be set as None for the new created VLAN Groups.
  4. Apply the setting.

2. Repeat the steps above to create the other 802.1Q VLAN ID Groups we need for distinguishing the 4 local networks.


3. Add a new LAN profile with VLAN ID 20 from LAN >> General Setup page, and edit the profile as follows:

  1. Input LAN Profile Name
  2. Input the VLAN ID
  3. Input the LAN IP address
  4. Input DHCP Server Start IP/ End IP settings
  5. Apply the configurations

4. Repeat the steps above to create the other lan profiles.


Setup switch's VLAN by Central Switch Management

5. Go to Central Management >> External Device to enable “External Device Auto Discovery”. Then, connect a VigorSwitch to Vigor Router's LAN Port. When the VigorSwitch is detected and shows “On Line”, it's ready for Central Switch Management.


6. Go to Switch Management >> Status, select Enable Switch Management and wait for few seconds.


7. We will see the VigorSwitch is in New Switch List, click Add New to put the switch into Profile List. 


8. Go to Switch Management >> Profile and click Edit to modify the switch settings.


9. In General tab, you may alter the Switch Name displayed in the Profile List or give comments.


10. Go to VLAN tab to configure VLAN setting to the Switch Ports.

We will see Switch Management have detected the VLAN IDs configured in Vigor2960 and list them. All ports on Switch belongs to VLAN group vid 1 by default. We could simply select the ports we want them to belong to the other vlan id groups.

For example: 

  1. Port 1 is the port connected to Vigor2960 lan port 1. So it is marked gray and automatically selected to be a member of every VLAN.

b. Select Port 2 to Port 6 to the default vlan group 1 which is the untagged lan (lan1).


c. Select Port 7 to Port 12 for vlan id 20 group (lan2). PVID for these ports should be configured as PVID 20.


d. Select Port 13 to Port 18 for vlan id 30 group (lan3). PVID for these ports should be configured as PVID 30.


e. Select Port 19 to Port 24 for vlan id 40 (lan4). PVID for these ports should be configured as PVID 40.


f. After finishing the port vlan settings, click Send To Device button to apply the settings to Switch.


g. Wait for few seconds, we will see the Switch Management Post Config Success message.


Verifying the settings

11. After finishing the above configuration, the ports of the switch will belong to router's different LAN subnet. We can connect a computer to the switch on different ports and verify which LAN subnet we are in by checking the IP address obtained. First, we connect to switch's port 12. By using command “ipconfig”, we can see that the computer obtained an IP, which belongs to router's LAN2.


Next, connect to port 18, renew the IP address, and we'll obtain IP, which means we're in router's LAN3 subnet.


Finally, connect to the switch by port 24, and we'll get an IP address which means we're in router's LAN4 subnet.


Thus we can verify that the VLAN settings are done without even logging into the switch.

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