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What is Central AP Management (APM) and how to enable it?

Support Model : Vigor3900

Central AP Management(APM) is a management featureavailable on DrayTek high-end models. It allows network administrator to provision configuration, monitor status and maintain multiple VigorAPs from a single WUI page of the router, instead of login to the WUI page of each AP. In addition, Vigor Router also supports to manage VigorAPs across the VPN tunnel. To sum up, Central AP Management (APM) is a feature which can gradually reduce the workload of the network administrator when maintaining APs. We separate this application note in to two parts to describe how to enable APM on Vigor Router and Vigor3900/2960/300B.




Enable APM on Vigor Router

The APM menu is listed in central management area. Vigor router will detect and discover VigorAP from LAN and remote site of VPN after click APM >> dashboard or APM >> Status. VigorAP will register to APM automatically.


Note: APM will use the default username and password, which are both “admin”, to get authentication from VigorAP. If you couldn’t get the AP status online and APM shows the [Warn: Unauthorized], it is possible that the password of AP has been changed. Please click the Password button at the bottom of the row to enter the correct password.





Enable APM on Vigor3900/2960/300B

Click Central Management >> AP, it will open another tab for APM page. Then, enable the AP Management option in AP Management >> General Setup. Vigor3900 will detect the VigorAP from LAN and remote site of VPN automatically.



From the Dashboard, we’ll see the VigorAPs which have registered to APM and display the information. 


Note: If the APM do not list any AP on the Dashboard page, please change the VigorAP to the default username and password (admin/admin), or create a WLAN profile which used the same username and password as VigorAP

Vigor3900 APM is base on TR-069, Vigor3900 APM will need to provision the TR-069 setting to VigorAP in order to register it, and this action will need the correct username and password.


The AP amounts support on each model

Model Support amounts of AP
Vigor2860 20
Vigor2925 20
Vigor2952 30
Vigor3220 30
Vigor300B 30
Vigor2960 50
Vigor3900 50


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