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Introduction of DrayTek AP Management (APM) Solutions

Nowadays, Wi-Fi is becoming a necessity of life much like the sun, air and water. To meet the growing demand for Wi-Fi and to ensure adequate coverage, it is common to deploy multiple access points in locations such as offices, warehouses, hotels, restaurants, cafés, hospitals and campuses. Just like an orchestra needs a conductor to coordinate the performance of musicians, a wireless network can be most efficiently when all access points are centrally managed using DrayTek APM.

DrayTek offers two APM solutions:

1. VigorACS, which is a software package that is installed and run on a computer, can be used to manage not only VigorAP, but also most of DrayTek devices. VigorACS bases on TR-069 protocol, makes this solution be suitable for the customer who has a great number of APs and they may come from different locations.

2. Router built-in APM, this is a central management feature which is built into the firmware of select DrayTek routers, including the Vigor2862 series, Vigor2860 series, Vigor2925 series, Vigor2952 series, Vigor3220 series, Vigor3900, and Vigor2960, etc. Network administrator can easily manage the Vigor APs which directly connect to the LAN of Vigor Router, also from remote VPN network, on the single WUI page on Vigor Router. The maximum number of manageable APs depends on the specific router model.

Both VigorACS and Router built-in APM can perform the following functions,
1. AP Connection Status
2. Event Log Report
3. Auto/Manual Configuration Provision
4. AP Load Balancing
5. AP Floor Plan (AP Map)
6. Configuration Backup/Restore
7. Firmware Upgrade

The comparison table of the differences of VigorACS and Router built-in APM:

 Item VigorACS Router built-in APM
 License Require Free
 CPE Nodes Unlimited, depend on the license 20 - 50, depend on the model
 AP Location Every Where LAN and VPN
 Protocol TR-069 HTTPS*
 Temperature Monitoring X V
 Statistics & Database V X
 Ranking (Top Client, Top Traffic) V X
 Clients Database V X
 Report Export V X
 Schedule Maintenance V X
 CPE Disconnected Alert V X
 Prevent CPE Setting from Accidentally Changed V X

*Vigor3900, Vigor2960 and Vigor300B use TR-069 to communicate with VigorAP.

For more information of the operation of DrayTek APM solutions, please refer to the following articles:


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