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How to plan the wireless coverage by using AP Map feature on AP Management (APM) before we deploy the VigorAPs?

If you plan to build a wireless network in a large space, such as convention center, exhibition center, stadium, station or shopping mall, the signal coverage will be your primary concern. Here is a feature may just suit your need: the AP Map. The AP Map, one of the helpful tools on router built-in APM, is the feature that network administrator can use to preview the deployment of VigorAPs, estimate the coverage of the wireless signal, the required amount of the APs, avoid the no-signal area, in the end, to adjust the AP deployment to the best condition. Furthermore, AP Map can also be a graphical AP monitor, which display some of the basic information, after linking the existed AP. Further more, it also can be used as a graphical AP monitor after the VigorAPs deployed.

This article demonstrates how to use AP Map to make a deploying plan for an exhibition center.

1. Go to Central Management >> AP >> AP Map page, choose an available profile.



2. Name the Location and upload a Map (floor plan) of your location environment, click Next.



 3. Click the Ruler Image to draw a line on the map, enter its real distance, then click OK to calculate map dimensions. Click Next to the planning step.



4. Drag the VigorAP icon from the list to the map below.



5. You can right click the AP icon to delete it or link an existed AP.




After linking the AP icon to the existed AP, you can check some of the basic information of the AP by clicking the small icons around the AP icon, including wireless clients, nearby AP, device information and LAN transmission speed.



6. You can click Show AP Coverage on 2.4G/5G to check the coverage of the Wi-Fi signal, adjust your VigorAPs deployment to the best condition, then click Save to finish the setting.



7. After finishing the above configuring, you can see the profile you just set on the AP Map list, showing the status containing online APs and clients.



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