How to auto-provision an VigorAP by AP Management (APM)?

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We can set up AP Management (APM) to auto-provision an VigorAP. So that when a new VigorAP joins the router's LAN network, it can download the WLAN profile on Vigor Router automatically. This document introduces how to set up Vigor Router to perform auto-provision.

(This article applies to most of the models. For Vigor3900, Vigor2960 and Vigor300B, please refer to the article here.)


1. Edit Default WLAN Profile: Go to Central AP Management >> WLAN Profile, select Default Profile and click Edit


2. Customize the basic settings for VigorAP. Don't forget to enable Auto Provision on this page. Click Next after you finish the basic settings.


3. Configure SSID and security for each 2.4G SSID, and click Next.


4. Similarly, enter settings for each 5G SSID, and click Finish.


5. With the above configuration, when a VigorAP connects to Vigor Router's LAN network, it will get the WLAN configuration from Vigor Router automatically. This might take about a minute. After that, from Central AP Management >> Status, you will see the VigorAP connected is Online, and its SSID, Encryption method and Channel has changed to those we set in Default Profile.


Note that auto-provision will not work if the VigorAP has changed its Admin password, or it does not have AP Management and Auto Provision enabled. However, by factory default, VigorAP are ready for auto-provision





When a VigorAP is shown in Status page but did not get provision from the router, please click "X" at the right side of the device to remove it, and let VIgorAP try to register to the router again.

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