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Index Title Type Date
How to allow users login to Vigor's Hotspot with external Radius server User Management 2018-12-11
Introduction of Hotspot Web Portal User Management 2018-11-27
[Vigor3900] How to Copy configurations from one Switch to the other with Switch Management? External Devices 2018-08-30
[Vigor3900] How to set up VLAN on VigorSwitch with Central Switch Management? External Devices 2018-08-30
[Vigor3900] How to use Auto Configuration Backup function? System Maintenance 2018-05-22
[Vigor3900] How to apply Let's Encrypt certificate? System Maintenance 2018-05-22
Is there a way to turn the LEDs, reset button or LAN ports off on Vigor router? System Maintenance 2018-02-27
The network example constructed by DrayTek products of a cinema company System Maintenance 2018-02-13
How to use 2-Step Authentication and mOTP to login router? System Maintenance 2018-02-02
How to telnet into Vigor Router? System Maintenance 2018-01-16
Why the Memory Usage is High just after boot up? System Maintenance 2018-01-09
The difference between Rule-Based and User-Based Policy User Management 2018-01-09
Why the browser cannot redirect the Hotspot Web Portal page to HTTPS website? -Archive User Management 2017-11-21
How to perform the basic troubleshooting on Active Directory/LDAP issues? User Management 2017-11-07
When to use LDAP in Simple mode and when to use LDAP in Regular mode? User Management 2017-11-07
How to authenticate users with an AD/LDAP server? User Management 2017-11-07
How to allow users login to Vigor's Hotspot with their social media accounts (e.g.: Facebook & Google)? User Management 2017-11-07
When can I get an SMS or Mail Alert from the router? System Maintenance 2017-10-24
Introduction of DrayTek AP Management (APM) Solutions Central AP Management (APM) 2017-10-24
[Archive] How to plan the wireless coverage by using AP Map feature on AP Management (APM) before we deploy the VigorAPs? Central AP Management (APM) 2017-10-03