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[Vigor3900] How to Bridge LAN networks over GRE Tunnel between two Vigor3900s?

Support Model : Vigor2960Vigor3900

Since firmware version 1.4.0, Vigor3900 and Vigor2960 start supporting bridging local network to another remote network by using GRE tunnel.

GRE tunnel is created between two Vigor3900s over Internet. When the bridging over GRE function of the router is enabled, all Ethernet traffic, including ARP, DHCP, IGMP from the selected vlan group will be bridged just as if there where a physical Ethernet interface and cable between the two routers.

Take the scenario below as an example:


The followings show the configurations:

1. Go to LAN >> Switch >> 802.1Q VLAN page and edit the default 802.1Q VLAN ID 10 via as follows:

 a. In Member, de-select LAN_Port_2

 b. In Untag, de-select LAN_Port_2

 c. Apply the setting.


2. In same page, click Add to add a new 802.1Q VLAN profile and edit the profile as follows:

 a. Enter VLAN ID as 20

 b. Select LAN_Port_2 as Member

 c. Select LAN_Port_2 as Untag

 d. Apply the settings.


3. Add a new LAN profile with VLAN ID 20 via LAN >> General Setup page, edit the profile as follows:

 a. Input LAN Profile Name

 b. Input the VLAN ID 20 (The VLAN ID must be same to the remote Vigor3900)

 c. Input the LAN IP address as (This IP can be any IP and we just need to ensure it won't conflict with the IP in the bridge networks)

 d. Disable DHCP Server

 e. Apply the configurations


4. Go to WAN >>General Setup page. Change the Mode from Basic to Advance.


5. A Confirm window will pop up. Click OK to continue.


6. Login Vigor3900 again and go to WAN >>General Setup page.

Bridge VLAN tab is visible in Advance mode. Click Add to create a Bridge VLAN profile.


7. Edit the Bridge VLAN profile as follows:

 a. Input Profile Name

 b. Select wan1 for WAN profile

 c. Select LAN VLAN ID 20.

 d. Tick Enable GRE Bridging option

 e. Enter Peer Vigor3900's WAN IP or Domain Name as Remote GRE IP

 f. Apply the settings.


8. Do similar configurations on the remote Vigor3900.

Please note the VLAN ID Group must be same and the Remote GRE IP should be configured to Vigor3900's WAN IP or Domain Name.

9. Once we finished the above configurations on both Vigor3900s, GRE tunnel will be up.

Vigor3900 will forward all the Ethernet Packets received from the specified VLAN ID Group/ the lan ports over the GRE tunnel.

When the remote Vigor3900 receiving such packets, it will remove the GRE IP header and send the packets to the ports according to the VLAN ID.


1.GRE tunnel is up once the GRE configuration is enabled. It is not possible to check the GRE tunnel status on Vigor3900.

2.To bridge more than one VLAN IDs over the GRE tunnel is possible.

We just need to ensure the VLAN IDs are configured well on both Vigor3900s.

3.Vigor3900 only bridges the packets from and to the GRE tunnel.

It is not possible to let clients in site A access Internet through Vigor3900 in site B.

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