[Vigor3900] How to use Virtual WAN in bridge mode?

Support Model : Vigor3900Vigor2960
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In this note, we will demonstrate how to set up Bridge WAN for IPTV on Vigor3900 and Vigor2960. (For other models, please refer to the article here.) The scenario is as below.


1. Go to WAN >> General Setup >> General Setup, and set Advance mode.


2. Click OK to apply and re-login WebUI.


3. Edit WAN1 as Internet access WAN.


4. Enable WAN1 and set IPv4 Protocol as "DHCP".


5. Click Add to create a new WAN Profile for IPTV Service.

  1. Enter Profile name "IPTV", and tick Enable
  2. Set VLAN Tag to Enable, enter VLAN ID 55, and set Port to WAN1
  3. Set IPv4 Protocol to DHCP.

6. Go to LAN >> Switch >> 802.1Q VLAN, and click Edit to set up VLAN.


7. Configure the VLAN 10 as follows:

  1. Remove LAN_Port2 from Member
  2. Remove LAN_Port2 from Untag

8. Configure VLAN 55 as follows: 

  1. Enter VLAN ID
  2. Set Member to LAN_Port2
  3. Set Untag to LAN_Port2.

Note: If it's required to bridge WAN with VLAN ID for the device (e.g., the set-top box), please remove LAN_Port2 from Untag.

9. Go to WAN >> General Setup >> Bridge VLAN, and click Add to set virtual WAN IPTV to Bridge mode.


10. Configure IPTV_Bridge, enter Profile name, select WAN Profile, and select LAN VLAN/Member.


Note: Vigor3900 only support LAN_Port2 to bridge WAN.

11. After finishing settings, go to Online Status to check the WAN connection.




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