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How to access Vigor130 in bridge mode?

Vigor130 can be configured in bridge mode to be a DSL modem by this FAQ However, we can't access Vigor130 directly when it's in the bridge mode. Hence, we can use Virtual WAN feature on Vigor routers to create another interface to access Vigor130 by the following topology.




Note: This application only works when Internet connection has VLAN tag, since Vigor130 can't add tag on its LAN port.

(This setup applies to most of the models. For Vigor3900 and Vigor2960, please refer to the article here.)


Vigor130 Setup

    1. Go to Internet Access >> General Setup,

  1. Enable VLAN Tag insertion without Tag value
  2. Click OK

    2. Go to Internet Access >> MPoA / Static or dynamic IP,

  1. Enable Brigde mode
  2. Click OK

    3. Go to LAN >> General Setup,

  1. Change LAN IP to be different from WAN network
  2. Disable DHCP Server
  3. Click OK



Vigor Router setup

    4. Go to WAN >> General Setup,

  1. Enable VLAN Tag Insertion
  2. Enter the Tag Value ISP requires

    5. Go to WAN >> Multi-PVC/VLAN and click Channel 5

  1. Enable the channel
  2. Select WAN Type (port) connects to Vigor130
  3. Tick Open WAN Interface for this Channel
  4. Enter static IP to access Vigor130 at WAN IP Network Settings >> Specify an IP address

6. Go to Load-Balance/Route Policy and click an available index,

  1. Enable the policy
  2. Enter LAN of Vigor130 at Destination >> Dest IP range
  3. Select WAN5 as the Interface

Then go to Online Status >> Virual WAN to make sure WAN5 is up.


LAN clients of Vigor router now can access Vigor130 directly via its LAN IP .

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