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[Vigor3900] How to set DMZ Host?

Vigor3900 supports to set DMZ Host, which is a feature that you can configure the incoming traffic on particular ports to the specific IP address/port of host of LAN.

(This article applies to Vigor3900, Vigor2960 and Vigor300B, for other models, please refer to the article here.)



Go to NAT >> DMZ Host:

  1. Select a WAN interface in WAN Profile
  2. Enable Use IP Alias if the WAN interface has multiple IP addresses
  3. Enter DMZ Host IP at WAN interface configured
  4. Click Apply to finish the setup

Please note that these manage ports have higher priority than DMZ. So we may change the default port.


You can still access to the router by the port you specified.



After changing the default port, you can access the DMZ Host by the WAN interface that you configured. 

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