[Vigor3900] How to configure WAN Inbound Load Balance in Failover mode?

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Inbound Load Balance is a feature that allows Vigor3900/2960/300B to be the authoritative name server for your domain names. The router can automatically reply its WAN IP to the internet clients asking about your domain names; furthermore, it can do Load Balance or Failover if the router has multiple WAN interfaces. This note is going to demonstrate how to use Inbound Load Balance in Failover mode, in the following example, we want the router to respond WAN2's IP in the DNS answers whenever WAN2 is available, and use WAN1's IP as failover.




Set up Inbound Load Balance

1. Go to WAN >> Inbound Load Balance, enable Inbound Load Balance and click Add to add a profile for your domain name.


2. Configure the Inbound Load Balance profile:

a. Enable the profile, and enter the Domain Name you own.

b. Select Mode as "Failover", and set the Priority Setting for each interface. The higher priority is "Top", and the lowest is "5". In this example, we want WAN2 to be the primary interface and WAN1 to be the failover.

c. Click Add, enter both WAN1 and WAN2 and set the same Weight for them in the Interface Mapping/Weight.

d. Click Apply to save the settings.


Note: For this setup to work for internet clients, the DNS server of the upper-level domain (which is draytek.com in this example) will need an NS record to redirect the DNS queries about your domain name to this router.

3. Furthermore, we can set Vigor3900 to answer the WAN IP of the other router, to distribute the inbound traffic.

a. Set the Priority of "extern" interface in the Priority Setting.

b. Select "Manual Input" in Alias Setting.

c. Click Add, enter the Alias IP address and set the Weight.


4. On Detail tab, you may edit the DNS Parameter or add Resource Records to give more information about this domain name.




Verify the settings

Now, when a DNS query is sent to the router to ask the IP of domain "fae.draytek.com", the router will always reply the IP of WAN2.


However, when WAN2 is down, the clients will get the IP of WAN1.


Once WAN2 resume its service, they will get the IP of WAN2 again.




Add Sub-domains

In each domain name profile, you may add up to 20 sub-domains. To do this, click Add in the domain name profile, enter the host name, and add the interface which can be mapped to this sub-domain.


After clicking apply, the router will also reply to the DNS queries asking about "ftp.fae.draytek.com".




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