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[Vigor3900] What is Bind IP to MAC and how to use it?

Support Model : Vigor3900Vigor2960Vigor300B

Bind IP to MAC feature can bind an IP address to the specific MAC address, avoid IP address changing when reconnects. Router will reserve the IP address which is listed on the IP Bind list, and will assign such IP address to the device which owns the MAC address connect to the network. This feature ensures the device whose MAC address is bounded with the certain IP address on the router will get the same IP address every time it connects. With Bind IP to MAC feature, network administrator can regulate the IP addresses of the LAN clients and can maintain the network easier.

(This article applies to Vigor3900, Vigor2960 and Vigor300B, for other models, please refer to the article here.)




Set up IP Bind List

To set up IP Bind List, go to LAN >> Bind IP MAC, add a MAC address from the ARP table:

1. Select a MAC address on the ARP table at the left side.

2. Click Move to add it to the Bind Table.


3. Click OK on the pop up screen to confirm.


4. (optional) Select the profile on the Bind Table, click Rename to name the profile, then click Apply to save.



5. (optional) You can also click Edit to add the comment or change the IP address or MAC address of the profile. Remember to click the Apply button to save.




Bind the IP address Manually

You could also add a binding profile by entering the IP address and MAC address manually.

1. Click the Add button in the Bind Table box on the right side of the page.


2. Enter the Profile name, IP address, MAC address and Comment.

3. Click Apply to add them to Bind Table.




Normal Mode

When set to Normal Mode, router will distribute the specific IP address to the device which is listed on the Bind Table, and will distribute the other available and not reserved IP address to the device not listed on the Bind Table.

This means the device listed on Bind Table will always get the specified IP address every time it connects to the network. And, the unlisted device will get a IP address that is available and not listed on the Bind Table.

To enable Bind IP to MAC in Normal Mode, go to LAN >> Bind IP to MAC, find the ARP Table and select Enable in the Mode menu, then click Apply.




Strict Mode

Strict Mode is based on the Normal Mode, in addition, only the devices listed in on the Bind Table are allowed to access internet. The other devices will not able to get the IP address from the router, and will be blocked from accessing internet.


To enable Bind IP to MAC in Strict Mode, go to LAN >> Bind IP to MAC, find the ARP Table and select Strict Bind in the Mode menu, then click Apply.




Export and Import Bind Table

We can download the bind table form Vigor3900 to backup the IP-MAC binding configuration or restore to other models.

Use the Export button to download the Bind list as a .cfg file named "ipbindmacs.cfg", and use the Import button to restore the list to Vigor3900.


 Note: The bind list exported from a Vigor 3900 can be restored to Vigor3900, Vigor2960, Vigor300B and the Vigor router with has or later version firmware. Due to the configuration difference on each Vigor router, the exported bind list will not content the profile name, you will find the profile name become default name as "1_192_168_1_10" after you restored the bind list back to Vigor3900, Vigor2960 and Vigor300B.

Please go to System Maintenance >> Configuration Backup, select Bind IP to MAC as the Backup Selected Config to download the whole configuration if you want to save the bind list with the profile name setting on Vigor 3900, Vigor2960 and Vigor300B.

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