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How to set up Vigor2952 as PPPoE server for LAN clients?

Support Model : Vigor2952 Series

Vigor2952 can be set as PPPoE server for LAN clients. This can secure LAN clients connection by PPP authentication. Furthermore, network administrator can set the connection time and data quota to regulate the LAN clients.




Set Vigor2952 as PPPoE Server

1. Go to LAN >> PPPoE Server, enable PPPoE Server and enter the Primary DNS and the Secondary DNS which will be assign to PPPoE clients, click OK to save.

Enable Vigor2952 as PPPoE Server    

2. Go to User Management >> User Profile, click an available profile to create a user account.

Creating local user profiles    

3. Edit the profile as follows:

a. Enable this account.

b. Enter Username and Password, confirm the password.

c. (Optional) Give Idle Timeout period and Max User Login for this profile.

d. (Optional) Set the Schedule, Time and Traffic Quota for the user.

e. (Optional) Enable PPPoE MAC Bind and fill the client MAC address in, this could restrict such profile will only be used to login from the specific device.

f. (Optional) Give a Static IP Address, router will assign the exact IP address to the user login with such profile.

g. Click OK to save the profile.

Details of user profile    

Now you have finished the PPPoE server setting on Vigor2952.


Configure PPPoE Client Setting on PC

1. Go to Start >> Settings >> Network & Internet >> Dial-up, click Set up a new connection.

Client set up for PPPoE Dial up    

2. Select Connect to the Internet, then click Next.

Client connect to the Internet    

3. Select Broadband (PPPoE).

Client connecting to the Internet via broadband    

4. Enter the User name and Password of the profile just created, click Connect.

Authentication for PPPoE connection    

5. Wait for the connection building up.

Connection Testing on the Client    

6. Connection builds up successfully.

PPPoE connection established succesfully    
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