System Information

"The model range available, feature sets and local support varies in different local markets.
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Model Name VigorSwitch G2240
System Description 24 Gigabit Port L2 Managed Switch
Device Name
System Up Time 0 Days 1 Hours 2 Mins 42 Secs
Current Time Mon May 18 11:22:12 2009
BIOS Version V1.04
Firmware Version v1.19
Hardware-Mechanical Version V1.01-V1.01
Serial Number 032101000021
Host IP Address
Host MAC Address 00-50-7f-38-2f-d1
Device Port UART * 1, TP * 20, Dual-Media Port(RJ45-SFP) * 4
RAM Size 512 M
Flash Size 128 M
CPU Load 16%