How to create Google APP for Web Portal Authentication?

The new web portal feature support social login as authentication method, and allows network administrator to authenticate LAN clients by their Google or Facebook account. This document introduces how to create Google APP, and generate the APP ID and APP secret that can be used in Web Portal setup.

1. Go to , login with a Google account then click Project >> Create project.


2. Type Project name, select Yes to agree to the Terms of Service of Google, then click Create.


3. Go to dashboard and enable API.


4. Select the Google+ API from Social API category.


5. Press Enable API for this project.


6. Go to Credentials >> OAuth consent screen, enter Product name shown to users, then click Save.




7. Go to Credentials tab, click Create credentials, select OAuth client ID.


8. Choose Web application as Application Type, then enter credential Name. Set Authorized JavaScript origins as , and click Create.


9. Get client ID and client secret, these informations will be used in Vigor Router's Web Portal Setup page.


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