How to upload firmware to my Vigor Router via FTP?

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We can install the firmware to Vigor Router by uploading through FTP. This can be use to recover the router from some of the firmware damage events which cause the WUI not working properly. Router should be set to accept the FTP accessing, which is enable by factory default. If you are not you are not sure does the FTP server enable or not, we can check and change the setting by the telnet command.


Upload the Firmware via FTP

1. Use any FTP program to connect to the IP address of your router, with the username "admin" and the password of your admin account.



2. After connect to the FTP server of the Vigor Router, you will see the firmware file which is running on the router currently in the remote directory. Please upload the appropriate firmware .all file to the remote site.



3. Vigor Router will reboot until the firmware file uploading complete and the FTP disconnect. If the router does not reboot by itself, please perform the reboot manually. After reboot, the router will be back online shortly, we can login to the router to see if the firmware install properly.


Telnet Command to Check and Change FTP setting

If you are not able to connect the FTP to your Vigor Router, it is possible that the FTP port has been change from the default port, or the service does not enable. In this case, we can telnet to your router, and use the command to check the FTP port or enable the FTP service.

1. Telnet to your router, then enter "mngt lanaccess -v" to check the status of the FTP service.



2. If the FTP service is not enable, enter "mngt lanaccess -e 1 -s FTP" to enable the FTP service.



3. We can enter "mngt lanaccess -v" again to check does the FTP service enable successfully. Then, you can try to upload the firmware via FTP.



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