How to recover my router from a failed firmware upgrade?

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If the router is inaccessible, and its LED lit in a strange pattern, for instance, the ACT LED is constantly on, the LED is all lit, or it keeps cycling through all the LED, this is probably an indication that the router is having a destroyed firmware. This might happened after a failed firmware upgrade; however, router can be restored by reflash firmware via TFTP. 

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To restore the router to working state, please reflash the firmware via TFTP mode (See
How to Upload Firmware to My Router via TFTP for the instructions.) Remember it need to upload .rst file for recovering the router, and please note that the .rst file will reset your router to factory default.

After the firmware reflash and router reboots, if the ACT LED blinks approximately once per second, this shows that the router has returned to normal state, and it will accessible again on

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